Things I learn from Urban Dictionary

I like to keep up with the slang that kids are using these days, because more often than not, I'm confronted with things I hear either on TV, read on the Internet or hear at work where I think "Um... what does that word mean?"  Instead of coming off as a 90 yr old woman, I just nod politely and rush back to my desk to "work"... i.e. look up on Urban Dictionary! The following are recent words I've had to look up, and am thus now more knowledgeable of:

Cigars on ice: This I had to look up because I kept incessantly repeating the phrase from the Beyonce song, and then I realized I didn't actually know what it meant when Dan asked. I assumed it meant a cigar resting on a glass of alcohol on the rocks BUT I wanted to make sure I was correct.

I found several articles on Google that define what I was thinking: the classic pairing of liquor on the rocks, drank while smoking a cigar.  This does seem to make sense when you think of the context of the song.

cigars on ice

cigars on ice

However - I also cross referenced on Urban Dictionary and their numero uno definition was: Cigars on ice is a phrase used to describe a man taking a cold shower to relieve himself. Cigars being code for you know what.

Now I'm stumped because UD's definition also makes sense and would totally fit with the theme of the song... the theme being the crazy sex her and HOVA are having (in kitchens!).

Still TBD in terms of what "cigars on ice" means because both definitions make sense - so if anyone knows please enlighten me.

Eskimo Bros: This I heard from someone at work who lives in LA so obviously he's more "with it" than I could possibly be.  UD tells me it means: When two men have had sex with the same woman.Example: After Billy Bob Thornton and Brad Pitt both had sex with Angelina Jolie, they became Eskimo bros.

After learning what this phrase was, I was actually offended. Not because I thought the term was disrespectful towards woman, but because I thought it was incredibly racist to be referencing "Eskimos" in that way.  Like I didn't get it - what does being an Eskimo have anything to do with it?  UD comes in and saves the day! Eskimos was really just in reference to men "sharing an igloo." Aahh - totally makes sense now.

Glory Hole: Ok folks - this one is a doozy that I was ill prepared to learn about. Let me just clearly state that I wasn't doing anything weird that would lead me to have to find out what this phrase meant. The legit story was that I was brushing up on the best donut establishments in Toronto and came across Glory Holes - Toronto's premiere donut establishment. Their tag line is: where creams are made of. 

For some reason, I thought the name Glory Holes was charming - until Dan informed me that he thought it was disgusting to name an eating establishment with that phrase... and then made me look it up on UD. Here's what it means: A hole located in a partition in which one's penis is inserted, thus separating the participants and ensuring anonymity throughout the act of copulation or fellatio.  Ummm whaaatt???

OH DEAR. Nothing about what a "glory hole" is makes sense to me and leaves me feeling really conflicted. UD's definition sounds disgusting... but then I also love donuts and really want to go to the bakery and see what it's about.

What do you think???? (Check out a pic of their DOUBLE S'MORES DONUT) Looks like heaven to me. 



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