Excuse this post - as it's an interruption from my intention of posting the rest of my entries about Africa - to share that I got engaged this week!!

It's quite a weird feeling - on one hand it's something that Dan and I have talked a lot about so it's not as if I didn't know that one day we would get married, BUT the actual act of being proposed to was definitely the question mark (i.e. WHEN?! HOW?!). I also knew it was going to happen FAIRLY soon since I knew that he had been in the works of having a ring made for the past 2 months. Obviously you can tell, we're so open about things that it would be VERY tough to catch me off guard about the actual proposal.

So how did it happen?

Thursday night:

Katy: "Dan – can you be on morning duty tomorrow with Franks? I couldn’t stay late to decorate Misha’s desk for her birthday so I have to race to work tomorrow morning to do it and get there before she does!"

Dan: "Um… sure. But I have to get up early tomorrow too!"

Katy: "What? Why? You never need to get up early. I have to be up by 6:30am."

Dan: "I have to be up at 6:15!"

Katy: "Umm ok… but can you still take Franks out??"

Dan: "YES!"

Katy: "Ok...." *you weirdo*

Fri morning – 6:15am

Katy gets shaken out of bed aggressively to Dan yelling, “WAKE UP WAKE UP!!! FRANKLY HAS SOMETHING TO SHOW YOU!!”

Katy: "Huh? What? It’s not 6:30 yet! I have 10 more minutes!! Why is the light on?!"

Dan: "No you have to wake up!! Frankly has something to show you!!!"

Katy: "Huh? No – I have 10 more minutes!" *tries to roll over*

Dan: "No wake up, open your eyes – look at her collar!!" *puts my hand to touch her collar*

Katy: *I squint and look up because Frankly  is sitting on me and look at her collar more closely*  "HUH?!! What? Those are my regular rings!! Tell her not to wear my rings!!" *tries to flip over and close my eyes to get more sleep*

Dan: *on the other side of the bed and is on his knee*  "OK but what about THIS ring? KATY HUNG WILL YOU MARRY ME??"

Katy: "Huhhh????????? Um YESSSSSSSS…….. ok YES!"  *tries to roll back over to sleep*


Katy: "Huh? What’s going on? OH!!! THE RING!" *gasp* "Whoaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!"  *jumps out of bed*  "WHOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT’S SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"



*we jump up and down and hug each other*

Katy: "Ok so what now? Do I have to go to work now?"

Dan: "UM YESSS! So do I!"

Katy: "Ok but what about flowers? Isn’t there supposed to be flowers?"

Dan: *sighs* "This isn’t the Bachelorette!" *considers preventing me from watching any more reality TV as it's clearly warping with my brain*  "You get THE RING! Not the ROSE! IT'S BETTER!!!"

Katy: "I dunnoooooooooooooo I’ve never done this before!!!"

(Side note: I went to visit my parents the next day and my MOM got me these beautiful flowers, so in the end there ARE flowers when there is an engagement. I knew reality television has never failed me on my perception of reality!)



Sooo what now?? NOTHING! Everything is exactly the same in my book – except now we have this big huge looming pressure to plan a wedding and somehow already know when this wedding is supposed to go down!!  To me, the only things that are different moving forward now are:

  • I wear a ring on a finger that I’ve never worn a ring on before. Also apparently – I’m not supposed to wear other rings on that hand now? Hahha I know this because my coworker told me to move my regular ring I wear on my left middle finger on to my right hand because there’s only one star in the show on that hand now! *news to me!*

  • Dan and I now have to plan a wedding – which has a million of details – that to me seems like a very stressful experience

  • I get to go to JCrew & Club Monaco as MUCH as I want with nobody complaining about it – because it’s now for wedding research purposes

  • My dad told me he doesn’t want me to wear the engagement ring because it will make me a target for robbery in downtown Toronto, and he thinks someone will want to cut my finger off to get it. Given the recent incident at Yonge & Dundas last week (my neighbourhood) where someone randomly got STABBED IN THE HEART for just accidentally brushing up against someone while they were walking and texting, this time my dad’s downtown Toronto paranoia does not seem as crazy as it usually is…

Things that are the same:



  • Frankly and I being total goofballs on a Sunday morning

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