Part III: Rob Kardashian + Blac Chyna

Ok so everyone is now all caught up with the key relationships and also the he said she said social media war that has been brewing, the tipping point was Tyga and Kylie getting together. Now how does Rob Kardashian fit in all of this? Where has he been?

Well for anyone who has ever watched Keeping Up with the Kardashians, you'll know Rob has always been floating around in the background. He has never been featured prominently but being a star on the show doesn't seem to be his thing.

Here are some notable things about Rob:

  • He is the ONLY boy in the family. All his siblings - 3 Kardashians + 2 Jenners are girls. His real dad, former OJ defense lawyer Robert Kardashian passed away when he was about 16yrs old. And well, Bruce transitioned so... he legit is the only male in the family!

  • He use to date Adrienne Bailon for years. I knew her when she was in this all girl trio group called 3LW (back when girl and boy bands were a thing) but she's also done other singing and acting gigs. The Kardashians loved her based on what I saw on KUWTK but alas, their relationship ended because he cheated on her. This was featured prominently in an ep with Rob trying to win her back hard... but got DENIED!

  • Rob is (or was) especially close to Khloe. He lived with her when she was married to Lamar, and both him and Lamlam grew quite close, considering each other "brothers."

  • He doesn't seem to do much in terms of career. Say what you want, but at least with all the women in the family - they're hustlers and making monies. Rob however, doesn't seem to have that drive or ambition. He tried to start a "luxury" sock line but I don't think it ever went anywhere. Lets just say when Scott Disnick seems like he works harder than you (i.e. club appearances), you KNOW something is wrong.

  • Rob hates Kim. Their contentious relationship is lightly alluded to on KUWTK but lets just say there is no love lost between these two. Rob thinks that Kim is super conceited and selfish (likely true). Kim thinks that Rob is a lazy bag of shizzle. Oh and fat. Kim makes no secret in routinely "motivating" Rob by mercilessly commenting about his weight.

    • In one KUWTK, Kim jokes that Rob's tattoo he once got of ex Rita Ora that he had covered up with a barbie doll tattoo has now stretched so large because of his 100 lb weight gain that it's now a cabbage patch doll tattoo.

    • Rob once posted his hatred of big sis Kim by posting the below snap on his insta with the bold caption:

"This is my sister kim, the bitch from Gone Girl"



In recent seasons of KUWTK, it's noticeable that Rob withdraws further and further from filming. He routinely skips out on big family vacations, and even chose NOT to attend Kim and Kanye's wedding.  His depression + weight gain is considered the reasons for his withdrawal.

Essentially for the past ~3 years, he's pretty much gone into hiding - rarely seen in public and virtually inactive on any of his social media accounts.  Speculation mounts that he even has become agoraphobic!

So where does that leave us? Well enter the beginning of 2016, the public hasn't seen or heard a peep from Rob and then BAM! A sign.

January 25th, 2016 - Blac Chyna makes THIS below post, an arm wrapped around her. But alas - who's that tatted up arm? Well based on the very identifiable tattoo, the Internet goes crazy as it's identified as ROB KARDASHIAN!

"The Beginning" she captions on the insta pic.



Later that day, Khloe Kardashian makes a cryptic tweet that says, "You can do anything, but NEVER go against your family."The Internet speculates it's in direct response to the "beginning" pic with Rob and Chyna but Khloe quickly does damage control on Twitter, sending a series of tweets denying any shade.

She says she has LOTS of family members and the earlier quote was directed toward a family member who cancelled on being on her show. (umm who ya playing Khloe? we all see through those lies!)



Later that week, Khloe is at it again with her Godfather quotes, posting the below picture:



Days later at the very end of Jan, reports come in that Khloe kicks Rob out of her house. What reports? Well, the reliable source of TMZ that is! Say all you want about TMZ but I ask you this - when have they EVER been wrong?

TMZ alleges that Khloe was away travelling for a week and when she finally arrived home, she was confronted with the sight of Rob and Blac Chyna in her kitchen, with liquor and trash strewn about everywhere. Oh hellll nooooo - Rob quickly gets the boot and Khloe believes she's providing some "tough love."

Soon after - Feb & March is full of social media and paparazzi snaps of Rob and Blac Chyna flaunting their relationship. People speculate that Blac Chyna is using Rob to get back at the family, with Rob happily being a party to this strike because he already had a lot of resentment brewing against his family - specifically his sisters.

Suddenly the once recluse Rob is seen EVERYWHERE with Blac Chyna. Both publicly and on social media.





All the Kardashian and Jenner women remain tight lipped about Rob's sudden public appearance and relationship with Blac Chyna.  Nobody responds to this new budding relationship, especially in light of the connection Blac Chyna has with Tyga, Kylie Jenner's boyfriend.  Their silence speaks VOLUMES because when have they EVER been silent.

So where does this leave us now?

The Kardashians/Jennifers (minus Rob) all head to Vail, Colorado at the beginning of April for a family vacation.

Screen Shot 2016-04-10 at 5.13.27 PM.png

Screen Shot 2016-04-10 at 5.13.27 PM.png

Coincidentally or not so coincidentally, as soon as they're all away, BAM!  The below pic drops:

Screen Shot 2016-04-10 at 5.01.19 PM

Screen Shot 2016-04-10 at 5.01.19 PM


And this is where we essentially leave off as of now. Rob + Blac Chyna are engaged and the Kardashians + Jenners have remained SILENT about commenting about ANYTHING related to how they feel about the news for the past week.

And there we have it - the incestuous web that the Kardashians weave (so far!).

We have DEFINITELY not seen or heard the last of where things stand as I'm sure we'll eventually get a response from one of the Kardashians or Jenners but to recap where we stand at this exact moment:

  • Rob has essentially been in hiding for the past 3 years, shying away from the public or spotlight

  • BAM! Suddenly we see him EVERYWHERE - and with no other than Blac Chyna, the baby mama to his baby sis' boyfriend - Tyga

  • Khloe kicks Rob out of her house, and has reportedly not spoken to him at all

  • Rob + Blac Chyna are only together for THREE months before they announce they're ENGAGED!

  • None of the Kardashians or Jenners respond to the news (it's been more than a week and counting already)

  • Rob reportedly refers to Blac Chyna by her real name Angela. And she is apparently VERY excited to become Angela Kardashian!

  • If Rob marries Blac Chyna for reals, this could potentially make Tyga both the father AND uncle to his own SON.

And with that, I vow never to have to explain this story (so far) to Dan EVER again.

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