Mat Leave: Day 12 - NBD just casually HAD A BABY

Ummmmm just dropped the hottest track of 2017: Kensington Broten Hung (aka little Kensi for short) Yesterday morning my biggest accomplishment was getting the faux leather joggers from Aritzia that I had been stalking at half price!

By 11:30pm my newest accomplishment was I delivered a BABY GIRL! Her supposed due date was Jan 20 but like the proud baby cub to a tiger mom, she knew being on time meant being a bit early! So she showed up half an hour early 😂 technically on Jan 19! She came in at 6lbs 10 oz.

So far things are OK avec moi, baby, Dan and Franks. We are just trying to figure out what this new life is... and make some sense of it! It feels surreal!

Side note though: I ordered my aritzia joggers YESTERDAY morning and they came this aft! DAMN that was fast 👌🏼

Anyways I'm making this posting now while I can and apologize in advance for not responding to anyone's messages or texts in the interim future because hello - trying to figure out how to keep a human alive! I got them though and appreciate all the love and support.

Here's a pic of Kensi snug as a bug taking a wee nap:


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