When you become a new mom for the first time, be prepared for how dramatically different your life will be like. This has never been more apparent to me than what happened to me last week.

Let me set the stage for you:

When we first bought diapers for Kensi, we bought a huge Huggies box from Costco - and that's when I learned about THE BLUE LINE. What's the blue line my friend? Well - I didn't know this until I had a baby of my own, but technology has come a long way and apparently diapers now have blue lines on them that indicate when it's pee filled!

Anyways - I had no idea how dependent I would become on this blue line until I ended using up all the Huggies and thought hey, why don't I try buying some of those environmentally friendly diapers that are more expensive but better (so they say) for Kensi's tush (and the environment!). Little did I know that THESE DIDN'T HAVE THE BLUE LINE so that's why I found myself BACK at Costco last week, racing to grab another box.

On our way out the door, Dan and I were waiting in line while they slowly checked people's receipts before letting them exit.  That's when MY HEART STOPPED. I looked over to my right and there in front of me was someone that I only DREAMED of seeing.


My all time favourite childhood boyband. And my all time favourite boyband member.

Like I said - MY HEART STOPPED. I grabbed Dan's hand and I gasped. For those 2 seconds, my heart felt like it literally jumped out of my body.



But then it came crashing down.

Because OF COURSE it wasn't JC Chasez of NSYNC. It was JUST some random WHITE GUY waiting in line who had a similar haircut and profile. WOMP WOMP.

Dan was like WTF is going on? And then I had to explain to him what had happened and why I suddenly gasped and got excited.

And that's when I had the saddest realization ever. I hadn't felt that exhilarated or alive in MONTHS.

In those 2 seconds, my heart felt like it was going to jump out of my body and I was honestly so excited my body felt like it was shaking.  But alas it was fleeting and the moment clearly came crashing down moments later because why the HELL would JC Chasez of NSYNC fame be at the Costco in Etobicoke at 8pm on a Wednesday night.

That's when I became majorly bummed at how sad my life had gotten - that THIS encounter is what made me feel so alive (even for a fleeting few seconds). Dan could see how devastated and how dejected I was (probably felt quite embarrassed for me as well) so to cheer me up, he took me through the McDonald's drive through on our way home and got me 2 baked apple pies. I devoured them in less than 2 minutes.

THIS IS WHAT MY NEW LIFE is like now guys - hallucinating that I'm seeing B list famous people at my local Costco. But you know what? When I was sharing this story with a friend last night who came by to visit and questioning how sad it was that this was the most excited I've been in months, she said something that blew me away.

"Katy, yeah - that is kinda pathetic but you know what would have been MORE pathetic? If JC Chasez really WAS at the Costco in Etobicoke at 8pm. THAT would have been more pathetic...FOR HIM"

I thought about that and was like whoa, MIND BLOWN. You're right - LOL.

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