The Great Underpants Debate

Yesterday I was going through my underpants inventory and realized I was running low. Pre-baby life, I was always replenishing my underwear supply but obviously since baby K entered my life - shopping for the essentials like new underpants clearly rang very low on my priority list.

So yesterday after putting K to bed at 7, I proposed to Dan that we go to the mall so that I could FINALLY get some new underpants.

Here is how my life has changed since becoming a mom:

BEFORE the baby came, I would have marched into Victoria Secret and snatched up their seamless ones (that are typically on sale for 7 for $35!)

Imagine my surprise when I walked into the store yesterday and it was 5 for $35. HOLD UP! Instead of $5 for a pair they're now charging me $7? Nope. I'm a MOM, I need to be more frugal.

AFTER the baby:  I marched my way over to Aerie/American Eagle - which had a 10 for $35 deal. THAT'S BETTER! I have no shame, I'm a MOM now, I need to find the best price per undergarment deal. So I rummaged through their pile to pick out 10, and then headed over to the cash desk.

That's when I felt only SLIGHTLY bad for the 40 something year old man who was the only person at the cash register, who had to gingerly pick up and scan each pair of underpants one by one.  You would think I would have felt super embarrassed... but nope, I have no shame! I needed my discount undies. And what did he expect would happen when he was going to work at a store like Aerie/AE frequented by teenagers...or grown ups desperately clinging to their youth.

Afterwards I reunited with Dan who was waiting outside doing work emails. He asked if I finally got the underpants I needed.  I said YUP! And then I said, "GUESS HOW MUCH I SPENT ON THEM."

But before he could even say anything I blurted out "$35!... FOR 10 PAIRS!"

That's when he stopped walking.

Rewind: a week ago I replenished HIS underpants supply and bought him a 3 pack of CK ones for $25. When I gave them to him I complained that I thought the sale was phony because they still seemed expensive to me. He was confused because he thought they were a great price.

Fast forward to the mall again: he stopped walking and looked at me. "You bought TEN pairs of underpants... for $35?! That's... ABSURD."

"SEE," I said, "That's why I think YOURS are so expensive, these are the price per unit that I'm use to!"

So now there is a debate within our household on what is a reasonable price for underpants. Like if I think about men's underpants, would they constitute the equivalent material of 2 or 3 pairs of mine? And if yes, then would that mean whatever price I pay for mine I should expect to double or triple for his? And if that's the case, then would 3 for $25 actually be the same as my 10 for $35?

Le sigh.

These are the things that I think about now that I'm on mat leave and I have an abundance of time to fixate on life's trivial matters 😂

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