Guys I've been silent for a couple of months on this blog, and I really want to blame the baby for it but that would be a lie. I actually haven't been inspired to write because I've been too enraged by all the news about sexual assault/harrassment/abuse. First - how deep the Weinstein story goes is VERY VERY disturbing. I thought we had heard everything this man was capable of, and then JUST tonight I read the op ed from Salma Hayek and once again, I am disgusted all over again.

I'm going to devote another future blog post about it because I'm mentally not ready to even begin to detail how upsetting and disturbing it is to hear a news story almost every single day (i.e. Kevin Spacey, John Lassiter, Woody Allen, Matt Lauer, Mario Batali, ETC ETC ETC) about abuse of power - but I will say this ONE thing:

It is not the responsibility of the victim to speak up and defend themselves.  That's why when I read all these stories of women speaking up, all I can think about is how we need more men to be speaking up. We need men to call out OTHER men and say 'hey, that's not acceptable.'  Women have the LEAST power but the most to lose by speaking up. Men have the MOST power and the LEAST to lose by speaking up. 


In other news, I'm trying to get back the writing mojo, so I've made a pledge to myself to write something for an hour a day. Even if it's a crappy blog post, I'm still going to write it.

So because I've been dormant for so long, I've compiled a list of VERY random things that I've been reading about below to share:

1. Tiffany Haddish - I haven't seen the film Girl's Trip yet (I REALLY want to) but I recently watched this interview with Tiffany Haddish and it's BEYOND hysterical. I mostly love the fact that she's starring in a movie but is still using Groupons, but I also love the fact that she took Jada Pinkett Smith and Will Smith on a swamp tour using Groupon!

2. New couple alert! Chris Martin is apparently dating Dakota Johnson (who stars in 50 Shades of Grey movies).

3. Alex Rodriguez use to date Anne Wojcicki - so it's no secret that ARod and JLO have been dating. I don't really know much about him except he's one of the most successful baseball players that (apparently) has ever lived so he must be $$$$$.  I personally do not find him attractive BUT he's managed to date a lot of celebrity women including Cameron Diaz, Kate Hudson, Madonna etc. No surprise there that with his wealth he can bag a lot of beautiful celebrity babes.

The thing I found out recently that I was VERY surprised by though, is that ARod use to date: Anne Wojcicki



Wait who is Anne? Well for starters, Anne isn't a 20 something pretty young thing, which seemed to be ARod's MO. She's actually an adult woman - age 44! She also is CRAZY smart and successful. She use to be married to Sergey Brin (Google founder) and is the founder of 23andMe, a genome company that Dan and I actually have been debating buying a kit from.  Anyone up in the Silicon Valley business knows who Anne is.

Anyways, when I learned that AnneWojcicki was dating ARod I thought HUH?? That really makes no sense to me.  ARod and JLo? That makes sense. Anne Wojcicki and ARod? Nope, zero sense.

And then I read this article with a comment from Anne's mother that basically said she is not surprised their relationship ended because he was intellectually inferior to her daughter and thought, HA - finally something that DOES make sense!

4. Super into Bush Twins lately - I have no idea why but I recently watched this interview with Chelsea Handler and I'm totally feeling them. Given the state of American affairs right now, it actually really makes me miss the Bush era! Those seem to be simpler days. *Le Sigh*

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