I couldn’t even sleep last night tossing and turning because of it. SERIOUSLY.

If you recall, one of my most recent posts titled “POOR KOKO” chronicled the trials and tribulations that poor Khloe has faced regarding her love life. Remember Lamar who cheated on her many times in their marriage, seemed to have drug and mental health issues and then was discovered in a brothel almost dead?

Or most recently Tristan - her baby daddy who cheated on her with god knows how many women, and then finds out about this betrayal days before giving birth to his baby?!

WELL somehow, through it all, Khloe still stuck by her man. I’ll give it to the girl - she’s pretty ride or die. She stuck it out with Lamar and halted their divorce proceedings so she could act as his power of attorney to make medical decisions on his behalf during his recovery from the brink of death. And then with Tristan, even though it would have been so easy to toss him to the curb there must have still been something salvageable about their relationship that she wanted to let him still be in her life, and still work towards repairing something - especially since they did make a baby together.

Well, that seems to have all changed this past weekend! The gist of what went down is this:

  • Apparently this past Sunday after a basketball game, Tristan hosted a private after party at his house. No shocker there, he had lots of ladies over.

  • During this party, he was seen being excessively flirtatious and VERY affectionate with a specific individual. So much so, that people at the party were raising their eyebrows and making a lot of comments. The laughing, the hugging, the nuzzling, the sitting on the lap, the MAKING OUT…this is not the behaviour of a man who is being faithful to his significant other.

  • I guess many people at the party starting texting and sharing the news with Khloe and her homies. Because by Monday, word got around to her of how he behaved at that party (like someone who didn’t have a care or a girlfriend in the world!) and by Tuesday, she had allegedly confronted him and confirmed what had happened. And just like that - their relationship is OVER.

  • All fine and dandy right? Nope! Because it’s WHO he was messing around with that is the ultimate betrayal… no other than someone from their very own inner tight circle, someone they actually consider to be FAMILY. Apparently the irresistible honey he couldn’t keep his hands off of is none other than Jordyn Woods, Kylie Jenner’s best friend, roommate, practically godmother to Stormi Jenners, and someone they considered part of their family.

Ok before we dive deep into the validity of this betrayal and what it could mean, I have two theories in life that I believe is relevant to this scenario here:

1) I firmly believe that the way something starts is indicative of the way something ends. Everything always goes back around, it’s just karma. And the way things STARTED is that before Tristan was with Khloe, he was actually dating someone else that was pregnant with his child. The story goes that apparently he cheated on her while she was pregnant WITH Khloe, and THAT was the beginning of their relationship.

I don’t want to point out the obvious - but hellooo KARMA. Isn’t the way their relationship started EXACTLY how their relationship ended(ish)? The fact that he did the same thing to her as he did with his previous pregnant girlfriend leads me to my other theory in life…

2) You can’t REALLY change. And by this I mean that if someone shows you repeatedly through their actions who they are as a person, then why would you expect something else of them? How can you expect a person to change when the writing is on the wall. He cheated on you before, he cheated on his past girlfriends (with you no less), and now he’s back to his cheating ways. A tiger can’t change his stripes.

So since news of the betrayal started getting leaked to the press as of yesterday - interesting activity has been happening to confirm that this betrayal did indeed occur:

Khloe and her best friend Malika comment on the below social media tweet about the events that happened at Tristan’s house party:

Screen Shot 2019-02-20 at 9.23.11 PM.png

Malika, Khloe’s best friend supports the claims being made with her comment STRONG FACTS.

Khloe pretty much validates the claims being made with her shout it from the rooftop emoji.

And then lastly - the unfollowing on instagram has begun, the first being Kim Kardashian who has unfollowed both Tristan and Jordyn. That is pretty much the kiss of death. YOU’RE DEAD TO ME.

And now apparently Jordyn who was living with Kylie, has packed her bags and is on her way home to go live with her mom.

TO BE CONTINUED until more evidence unfolds, but right now I’m still processing and digesting the betrayal and part of me feels bad for Jordyn. Is that wrong? Like Tristan - he’s a cheater but everyone already knew that. Khloe? Yes I feel bad for her because of the betrayal but I feel like she’s strong AF and has been through worse. She’s going to be FINE.

With Jordyn though? I don’t condone her actions (or his) but I do feel bad because it seems like one irresponsible decision that she’s made as a 21 year old is now going to haunt her for the rest of her life, changing her trajectory and experience of the world dramatically from now on, and I don’t know how fair that is.

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