The other day I was walking back to the office after having lunch with a colleague. From a distance I thought my eyes were betraying me - I could have SWORN I saw life sized donuts walking towards me!! But NO, that's crazy talk.

Instead, they were actually people dressed up as some of my favourite candy! They were dressed up as a cherry blaster and a fuzzy peach slice!  I stopped them to ask them what the funk was going on - in hopes they had something free to offer me.

Of course Mama Hung is right when she tells me aint nothing free in this world (haha yes b/c that's how I think my mother talks...NOT)!

Apparently the candies and their entourage were doing some promo - if you have a DANCE OFF with the candy, you get your name submitted into a draw for a chance to win tickets to an after party for the Much Music Video Awards. For my American or foreign folk, that's like the poor man's MTV Video Awards... but like strip away all the glitz, glamour, A list musicians... smack it live in the middle of the busiest streets of Toronto, and that's the MMVAs.

I thought *umm... that's super lame* and was totally going to pass. But then I looked at my watch and saw I had 10 minutes to kill anyways, so thought WHY NOT.

Dance off with a Cherry Blaster and a Fuzzy Peach Slice? CHALLENGE ACCEPTED. 

Not going to lie - after I danced for 60 seconds with the candy, they gave me a free bag of cherry blasters. #WINNERWINNERCHICKENDINNER

Checked my dignity at the door for some free candy? YUP. #ANDIWOULDDOITAGAIN

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