Mat Leave: Day 7

Today has been so far pretty uneventful but I'm having a weird feeling tonight that the baby may be coming any day now. My goal was to NOT have the baby come this weekend since I knew that my main midwife was off call (ie. if the babe came I would have gotten one of her back ups) and so as long as I wake up tomorrow and I'm still preggs then I'll feel a sigh of relief that my main midwife will be back to her regularly scheduled programming! In anticipation of this maybe being one of my last days sans baby, here's some pics I want to remember of how I spent my day:

This morning we decided to take advantage of the nice(ish) weather and took Franks to a nearby park by the water. It's actually a pretty awesome park and I was surprised to see so many people come with their heavy duty cameras and binoculars to birdwatch.

We ended up walking down a charming path and even discovered a mini ice rink!

When we got home, I made pho for lunch for us thanks to Mama Hung having already done all the work for us prior to her leaving for the weekend. I believe Dan's words were, "This is the best pho ever, how does she DO IT."  Nobody knows, nobody truly knows.

[wpvideo ppGp99IR] I was exhausted from this morning so my aft was spent taking a major laser nap. When I woke up Dan and I went out to do some errands picking up some stuff from Canadian Tire and then when we got home later, we went out for dinner at a pizza place near us we've been wanting to try.

It's weird to think this may in fact be the last going out meal Dan and I will have together before this baby comes!!


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