Mat Leave: Day 7 - pt 2: Things Happen… blah blah

Not gonna lie for some reason I thought I might have been in the beginning stages of labour earlier tonight... for no other reason than me thinking I felt funny. So I went to bed fairly early tonight wanting to get as much sleep as I possibly can but I ended up waking up about 2 hours later.

So what does one do when they wake up in the middle of the night and have nothing to do? Troll their FB feeds of course! And this is when I discovered today's gem that someone posted to the Etobicoke Bidding Wars FB group I belong to. 

My favourite part of this brave woman posting her sex straps on this group to sell is the line, "never been used because things happened blah blah."

Things happen - blah, blah! YES! That's my new favourite line I'm going to use myself to explain any sort of situation that I don't want to get into too much detail about. 

This FB group is bid based, so this lil lady is asking for her black straps to start at $50 and people bid in increments from $1-10 and it lasts for 24 hours before it closes and the last highest bid wins and is committed to the sale.

So far nobody has bid on it but some people are tagging friends or just simply putting an * in the thread so they can follow it.

I think you can bet how this ends... 😂

Obviously I need to know how this ends. I'll let you guys know if anyone ends up buying this gem! 😁

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