Mat Leave: Day 8

No sign of a baby. Mama Hung returns back during the week and continues to spoil Franks like it's her job.

Here she is getting dinner ready for us and obviously has to put Franks at the dinner table with us πŸ˜‚

My biggest accomplishments today include:

  • Washing my hair

  • Putting deodorant on

  • Getting dressed

  • Sending some emails to payroll to ask about EI

  • Finally washing my make up brushes! I'm awful - I know I should be doing this more regularly but I am ashamed to say it's been MONTHS

  • Washing some baby blankets

Update from last night: the chick trying to sell her sex straps bumped her thread up TWICE but still no signs of anyone wanting to bid. I did notice that she posted something new though on the forum to sell, a SHEER blouse from Suzy Shier. SHEER. Yeah it is girl πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ

So far nothing else good has popped up on my fb groups I follow except I did notice this one below that's a bit amusing to me:

A mom is asking one of the mom groups I follow if it's possible to source a specific Happy Meals toy for her daughter without having to drive to a bunch of random ones to check.

They ask her what exact toy she's looking for, and she answers it's the elephant from Sing.

Why is this amusing? Because when I went to take a walk last week with my mom to satisfy my cheeseburger craving, I got a happy meal from McDonalds and also asked for that exact same toy!

And I too was disappointed they didn't have the elephant one :(   LOL

So SEE - sometimes these threads I follow ARE useful!!

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