Mat Leave: Day 9 : Can the real Katy Hung please stand up?

Last night as I was waiting in between commercial breaks of The Bachelor, I was doing my usual social media scrolls. Imagine my surprise when I was reviewing my FB feeds when I see THIS posted on one of the moms group I follow:

I GASPED! Who the hell is this Katy Hung?!?! Because it certainly isn't ME!

What the what the! First of all - I RARELY ever meet or see people who spell the version of my name with a Y... let alone with my SAME LAST NAME.

Obviously I had to do some research on who this "KATY HUNG" is. Check out her FB page below:

This Katy Hung has a baby! And a pretty cute chunky one at that.

And also - this Katy Hung is REALLY into Christmas. Buhhh...

According to LinkedIn, she also works at Scotiabank too, and it looks like she use to live in HK before she moved to Toronto and went to high school and then Ryerson here.

Under normal circumstances, I'm usually a big creeper. Please ask anyone, I literally just need 2-3 data points and then I can scour the Internet creeping on people and finding out the most random bits and details of their life.  However this time, when confronted with this bizarro Christmas loving Katy Hung staring back at me - I felt a bit rattled.

I didn't want to know who this Bizarro Katy Hung is who has a baby and is traveling to Orlando soon.  I can't explain it, but when I saw her name and peripherally looked her up, I got that weird feeling when you have 2 magnets that repel each other no matter how hard you try to push them together.

It just hit a little a bit too close to home for me, and I can't explain it! For some reason in this instance, I felt like sometimes there are things best left unsaid, and leaving Bizarro KH to her own devices seemed like it was the best thing to do...

But I'm not going to lie, it took EVERY OUNCE of willpower in me last night to not respond in that thread she posted on just to see if she noticed that another Katy Hung existed out there and was responding to her query.

Katy Hung