Mat Leave: Day 10

No baby yet but the body is showing signs that the arrival will likely be relatively soon! Thank god I have an appointment with my midwives tomorrow. Today I'm 38+5 days which means I'll be 40 full weeks as of Friday.

Could this baby actually be early or on time? Not going to lie - as someone who is extrmely punctual nothing would please me more if this baby took after her mama!

Today has been highly uncomfortable for me with pains off and on - ie. pelvic and lower back, and I had a rough night last night with what may be either Toni Braxton Hicks or early contractions. Hence today I really focused on just hydrating, eating and getting as much rest as I can. Number one rule they taught us during our prenatal class is that rest is essential when you can get it and the pain is bearable because when the REAL shit goes down, you don't want to be underslept and exhausted.

With the arrival seemingly imminent, Dan helped me write down some affirmations that I wanted him to repeat to me during labour to help calm me down. Over the years I've learned that I respond really well to rational logic and thought during serious times of stress, so I'm hoping the below will help calm me if I start feeling stressed out during the height of labour:

  • You will survive this! Your body is doing what it's supposed to. Just think - every woman around you who is a mom has had to experience what you're going through and they all survived!

  • You live in a first world country with first world health care and support.

  • You have a huge team of people supporting you through this.

  • If Teen Moms OG can do this and raise babies, you can too! And you have way more resources than they do!

  • Do it for Frankly! She wants to be a big sister!

  • Just remember: nothing amazing or great that's ever happened in your life came easy. It's always required hard work and this is no exception.

  • You won't be a regular mom, you will be a cool mom.

  • Think about the push gift you will get!

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